Terms & Conditions

All sales are paid for in advance. If paying by check or money order, payment must be sent, deposited and cleared prior to printing. This may result in delaying your purchase.

Because most of our products are custom printed, there are no refunds or returns accepted. To ensure that this will not be an issue, prior to printing your product, you will receive a pdf proof of the layout. Once you approve the proof, the product will be printed and shipped. If the shipped product does not agree with the proof that you approved, the order will be corrected.

Due to printing mis-feeds and other mechanical issues, the quantity shipped may vary by +/- 5%. In other words, if you order 500 envelopes, the actual quantity shipped may be 475 to 525. We always strive to send the actual quantity ordered or more but we don’t count the printed items. We rely on the printing equipment to provide the count. In addition, if you encounter a blank item, it was a misfeed and the equipment doesn’t count that item. You essentially have received a free blank item.

We do not ship outside of the US. Although we allow you to pick a shipping carrier option, the carrier used is at our discretion and is typically Fedex Ground.